Association of Women Business Leaders in Iceland
The aims and objectives are among other things to bring together women business owners in order to make them stronger and more noticed in the business world and in the society and to encourage an exchange of ideas and knowledge and sharing of experiences, both national and international, between its members.

Federation of Icelandic Industries
One can compare SI - the Federation of Iceland Industries to a close-meshed network of contacts which looks after the complex and different interests of industrial companies. The federation is all in one a service-, communication-, information- and safety network.

Iceland design center
The purpose of the Iceland Design Centre is to achieve more appreciation of the importance of good design and architecture for society. Its role is to promote design of all kinds as a vital and profitable aspect of the Icelandic economy, and thus to enhance competitiveness and economic gain.

Icelandic Patent Office
The Patent Office is a public institution under the auspices of the Minister of Industry. The institution was founded on July 1st, 1991, and assumed responsibility for patents and trademarks previously entrusted to a department of the Ministry of Industry.

Promote Iceland
The goals of Promote Iceland are to grow Iceland‘s good image and reputation, to support the competitive standing of Icelandic industries in foreign markets, and to attract foreign tourists and investments to the country.