Rendez-vous in Iceland

Rendez-vous in Iceland

Cultural Exchange Program - India / Iceland 2010- 2013

21. September - 2. October 2011 

Two Indian artists, Laxmi Narayan Soni, gold-and silver smith from Bikaner, and Gopal Saini,  Ceramic artist from Jaipur stayed in Iceland for more than a week in 2011 to work with local artists. 
This was the first project in the Cultural Exchange Programme - India / Iceland 2010- 2013 signed in the beginning of 2010. Soni and Saini are both well-known artists in India and worldwide and have received awards in the field. Three Icelandic artists were participating in the project,  Anna  Gunnarsdóttir,  Margrét Guðnadóttir and Margrét Jónsdottir. They are all known by their works and have participated in numerous exhibitions at home and abroad.

The group worked together and showed the result in the Reykjavik City Hall on 30 Sept. 2011. 
HANDVERK OG HÖNNUN / Crafts and Design had supervision and planning of this project for the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Date: 21.09 - 02.10 2011
Location: Reykjavik City Hall