Old will be new...

Old will be new … Three artists show how to use old craft traditions in a new way and even how to make used garments new again.
  • Þórdís Jónsdóttir uses embroidery method that was used to decorate the skirts of apron and a continuum of Icelandic embellishments.
  • Philippe Ricart weaves light and beautiful shawls, quilts and scarves with wadding fabric and uses only Icelandic wool.
  • Ýr Jóhannsdóttir decorates used sweaters with embroidery and hand knitting and the garments get a new look and a new life. The best kind of recycling.
The exhibition was a collaboration between HANDVERK OG HÖNNUN and Skriðuklautur culture center.
Date: 16.05 - 07.06 2020
Location: Skriðuklaustur


Handbróderaðir púðar

Hand embroidered by Þórdís

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Philippe Ricart

Philippe Ricart

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