November 2017 - April 2018

Textílsetur Íslands / The Icelandic Textile Center calls for artists interested in a skill-share initiative. Each artist in residence will be invited to present a skill-sharing workshop for their fellow residents. In return you receive numerous skill-sharing sessions from other fellow residents.
Contemporary textile arts are diverse and such a place exists for workshops in textile techniques, practical skills (spinning, weaving, knitting, mending, dyes, specific practice based skills etc – see our facilities), knowledge sharing for grants/arts admin/applications, or a quality lecture in our conference room.
The skill-share workshop is intended to be for your fellow textile-based artists in residence only, however if your idea has potential to be accessible to the public we can help you advertise to the local community if you wish to do so.
When devising your workshop, please keep in mind this is a non-funded initiative and The Icelandic Textile Center cannot offer you payment or a budget. We hope to create a fertile ground for learning and sharing ideas and skills with each other. Please keep your workshop at a low to neutral cost to other artists with materials; some usable items may be found in our communal store cupboard (some wool, fabrics, horse hair, threads etc), the local store, or if you are willing to invest a little more there are some local regional factories with sales on fish leather, leathers, woolen fleece, knitted factory offcuts etc. Or you may be able to share machine based knowledge on spinning, knitting machines, or setting up a loom for others who typically work in other methods using the Textile Center’s equipment.

Duration of residency:
The skill – share initiative is implemented from November 2017 – April 2018, with workshops held each month by each artist (you may repeat or build on your workshop if staying longer than 1 month).

Please note that in November 2017 the residency is only open for the first three weeks, at a residency fee of €525. Artist who wish to come to the residency in December can choose to stay for either 3 weeks (€525) or 4 weeks (€700).

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance:
We encourage applications from artists who work with both traditional and contemporary forms of textile and fiber arts, or whose artistic practices are intrinsically linked to the use of textiles, including performance, costume/theater, installation, wearable art and fashion.
The Icelandic Textile Center does not have a studio assistant or teachers on staff. Workshops are led by resident artists.

Accommodation and Studio/ workspace:
The residency is based in “Kvennaskólinn”, the former Women’s College of Blönduós, and as such has private rooms with shared living and open plan shared studios, a loom weaving loft, and a small gallery attached to the dye studio, called “Bílskúrs Gallerí”.

Expectations towards the artist:
Artists are asked to give a talk at the beginning of the stay to introduce themselves and their work to the other artists in residence. Workshops and exhibitions are encouraged but optional. Artists organize an exhibition at the end of each month in Bílskúrs Gallerí.

Application information:
In order to create an environment of skill sharing among our winter and spring residents, we ask applicants to include a proposal for an on-site workshop (in addition to the required project description). The proposed workshop can be anywhere from 2 hours to a full day in duration, depending on the idea. Artists do not need specific teaching experience, but will need a willingness to share and participate. Workshops are optional.

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