BEHIND THE SCENES - Archiving a ceramic collection

Exhibition in the Museum of Design and Applied Art

25/05/19 - 27/10/19


The artist Anna Eyjólfsdóttir started to collect pottery and ceramic pieces by Icelandic artists in 1979.

By 2017 the collection consisted of around 2,000 pieces, spanning the period from 1932 up to the present day. It is the largest individual ceramics collection in the country. The Museum of Design and Applied Art took ownership of the collection through a grant from the Blue Lagoon.

Next month, the museum's staff, along with some special guests, will catalogue the collection in the museum's gallery, a process that is an extensive part of the museum's work. Guests will be able to observe that process as the items in the collection are unpacked, photographed and logged in the museum catalogue, before being repackaged following proper procedures. The aim is to preserve the pieces in the collection while making sure that all available information about the work is accessible.

Cataloguing is a fascinating process that broadens horizons, sparking ideas, connections, conversations and memories.